Afsos Review: A Story Which Could Have Done Better

Amazon Prime Entertainment

Director – Anubhuti Kashyap
Cast – Gulshan Devaiah, Anjali Patil, Heeba Shah, Danish Sait, Dhruv Sehgal

A new Amazon Prime Web Series start with a man named Nakul who wants to end his life and is on railway track waiting for train but he looks uncomfortable and looks for a pillow so that he can die peacefully so he take a pillow from a bench on which a beggar was sleeping but that beggar opposes this and asked for his pillow back and meanwhile this argument trains come and hit the beggar as while fighting for pillow Nakul goes down and he changed the track and train goes over that beggar and nakul survived. This was his 11th attempt to kill himself. He met her psychologist and told her everything she asked him to forget everything and start a new life.

But Nakul doesn’t stop here he hired some agency named Emergency exit who helped those people who wants to kill them self and he hired someone through that agency to shot him dead. So they assigned this task to a lady name chattopadhyaya who never misses her target. So she goes on the given address to kill Nakul and shot him. But luckily Nakul get saved this time too because of wrong address. So he call that agency and asked them to send that lady again to shoot him and before coming her he do all his pending work including formatting his phone. But this time her doctor Shaloka gets a message from unknown number that Nakul is going to be dead today and she ran towards his house and take him away from there but that killer lady found him nearby and shot Nakul when both Nakul and Shaloka were having cup of tea. Meanwhile all of this a group of sadhu get shot dead in Uttrakhand because of some powerful water which they call Amrit. They had belive that in their Asshram they have Amrit which can make any men immortal. Before getting killed main Sadhu baba send one man of his ashram to Bombay and find that men who is immortal and give that powerful water to that person so that he can use this thing wisely.

Meanwhile a person from England get knowledge about this thing which can make a person immortal so they start finding this thing and they send their men to India to find. Meanwhile that person who came Bombay with that powerful water found Nakul and after knowing his story he think he is that immortal men so he request him to have that thing from him but he refused. They decided to go to that lady who run that killing agency and request her to cancel his contract of killing himself. But it doesn’t work as the other lady who has taken the contract heard all of this and she tried to kill him but he survive again. They all Nakul, Shloka and baba who has that powerful thing escape from there with help of a tourist but later they found that tourist is also want that powerful thing and he has that thing from them on gun point but unfortunately he died after drinking that powerful thing.

In between all of this that killer lady not stop and keeps trying to kill Nakul but he survives again and again. In all of this Killer lady kidnapped Shaloka and asked him about Nakul when Nakul get to know about this he kidnapped daughter of the owner of agency and asks her to tell that killer lady to leave Shaloka but plan doesn’t go as he think in all this mess killer lady accidentally shoots the small kid and she died. And because of this guilt later killer lady kills herself. And in end when everything get back on track Nakul wants to marry Shaloka but she get killed in an accident while crossing road and Nakul once again get depressed and leave his home to kill himself he again go on the same track where he gone in starting of story but he get shocked to see that beggar alive who was crushed by train in front of him then he asked how he survived then that beggar told him he is immortal and once a baba gives him this powerful thing and since then he is living and he is now 180 years old. After hearing this Nakul get back on track to kill him self but this time that beggar gave him that powerful water and makes him immortal. That’s where story ends.

Overall its not that type of series which you expect from Amazon Prime. Story lacks power.

Just like Nakul regretted hiring a hitman, we regret to inform you that the Amazon series isn’t deserving of your time. (Sorry, not sorry) it was too fitting a title — Afsos — not to be used as a punchline.

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