Panga Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut Takes Panga And Gets it Right Asusal

Bollywood Entertainment

This movie is all about giving a nice insight of what women go through when they make a comeback in sports after giving birth and how it’s tough for them not just physically but more so, mentally.

Panga is story of a mother who trying to fulfill her dreams. Jaya Nigam ( Kangna Ranaut ) is a pr kabaddi player. When she was at her peak of her carrer she shine and rise and becomes the captain of the Indian Kabaddi team. In between she got married to Prashant ( Jassie Gill ) and gets pregnant just before going for a major tournament. But she give assurance to her seniors that she will be back soon and will join the team. However her son born prematurely and that too with a very weak immune system. Doctors inform them that their son needs special attention and proper care only then their son will have a normal growth. Due to this jaya gives up her dream of playing for Indian team again. She takes up a job in railway and adjust her time between job and raising her son Adi ( Yagya Bhasin ). Time goes on like this and 7 years pass. Jaya find it really difficult to fulfill the responsibity expetced from her. One day she meets Meenu (Richa Chadha) who was her team mate but she still plays kabaddi. One day Jaya’s son Adi suggest that his mother should make a comeback in kabaddi. He request his father and then they both begin nag jaya. But jaya find this very difficult due to her fitness and her age as she feels grown old. Prashant suggest her that she can pretend of making comeback and after one month she can claim that she didn’t get selected in team. So she started practice but soon she gets enthusastic about whole process and feel happy. After a long time she realize that this is the time to live her dream again. Two months pass like this and one day she told Prashant that she want to continue her practice and would like to try to get in to Indian team. Now from here movie takes a turn.

On the whole Panga is a nice movie delievring its message without making any big noice about it. It will motivate you to fulfill your dreams which you have left behind any.