Rangbaaz Phirse Review: A Story Which Needed More Energy in its Execution


Story: Its a gangster drama showing Northern Indian belt, rooted in a casteist conflict. This story is part biopic, part ficitional which moves around the life of a Rajasthan based gangster Amarpal Singh ( name changed ) who falls prey to the bad intentions and political agendas of his near and dear ones. He is honey-trapped in to the crime world and politics to become one of the most popular and strong personality in his state, but because of his personality and strong connections his beloved pay a heavy price for it. This story has passion, revenge, love, friendship and betrayal.

Performances: Jimmy shergill who is playing role of Amarpal singh needed more energy and sense of aura to play this role. But he has done full justice with his acting, his ability to adjust himself in to the role with his language and body language is superb. Sushant singh who plays role of Amarpal friend has done great justice with his role. He is a good choice for the gangster space. He was confident on screen.

Spruha joshi who plays role of Amarpal’s wife is a surprise package in this series. Though her character has little to do in story but her innocent expressions has brings lot of authenticity and strength to her role. Zeeshan Ayyub who plays the role of cop is brilliant normally you will not see Zeeshan in main role we all have seen him in side hero role but he knows how to grab opportunities. He has played good part in this story. Gul Panag and Sharad Kelkar were impressive. They both justify their inclusion with their brilliant performances.

Analysis: Overall its a nice story which you can watch if you are fan of gangster style stories and if you like solid dialogues. The nine episodes of this web series ( spanning 40 minutes each approximately )chart the dramatic rise and fall in impressive detail.


Superb dialogues
Sharp script
Well-etched out characters


A bit slow start
Absence of any surprise value in the screenplay
A unresposnive Jimmy Shergill

Will i recommend you to watch this?

Yes you can watch it, for one time watch its a good story