Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Review


Netflix’s web series ‘Jamtara’ Sabka Number Aayega with an engaging beginning with a tapering tail can be seen for great acting and direction. This if the first original web series of this year from Netflix. This is the web series of 10 episodes which ends in about 4 hours. The story is about Jamtara a district of Jharkhand which moves around a bunch of young boys which are in to phishing scam. This series shows how the criminal elements easily frauds with anyone with just a simple phone call. There are some weak points in this story but there are some strengths also. Lets check it out:

‘Jamtara’ Sabka Number Aayega

Realistic Background

The main plus point or you can say main strength of this web series is that director has kept it realistic. You will feel that story is going on in a village in Jharkhand. Director Soumendra Padhi who has directed Budhiya Singh – Born to run before this has done a great job on this project. You will see his research work clearly in the story.


This web series is inspired by true story. Which means it is a fictional web series based on true events happened in that area. In this story you will see how a bunch of young people uses phone calls for fishing purpose and do frauds with many peoples. This crime is unfolded through a story of a fight between two brothers. You will see a local MLA in this story whose crime is flourishing under the umbrella. And you will see role of helpless police and the system also who are not capable to control this situation.


When you will see this web series you will come to know the most powerful part of this series is acting. Every single person has done justice with their role. Specially the Amit syal who plays the role of Brijesh Bhan the MLA. At the same time the police man Dibyendu Bhattacharya has also grabbed attention from his powerful acting. Sparsh Srivastava (Sunny Mandal), Anshuman Pushkar (Rocky Mandal), Monica Pawar (Gudiya) have managed to grab attention from their acting. Aksha Pardasani, who plays SP Jamtara, could have done an even better job but she is unable to do so. You will notice in some scenes, she has not able to do justice to her character.

Best and weakest thing

You will see a different kind of love story in this web series which is the most special thing in this story. But there are some flaws also like in starting this story was moving around fishing scam but later it become a crime thriller and the end of the series is not up to the mark. People would love to see more depth of the fishing crime in this but in this case this series disappoints. Director could have made this more interesting if he has given more time and importance to phishing part.